NAKSHAA has the knowledge to provide effective survey procedures and streamline processes to manage an entire construction project from the initial plan to its construction completion.


We will customize survey solutions to fit your construction needs and improve overall project efficiency.


Our team is accustom to working on construction and civil projects of any size whether you require a single day of buried line locates or require an expert team to manage a multi-phase project spanning months or even years.


At NAKSHAA, we have an extensive Quality Control Program to ensure correctness on any type of project providing our clients with a professional survey company they can trust.



Construction and Civil Surveying Specialization

  • Industrial Surveys

  • Construction Layouts for Pipelines, Buildings, Piles, Utilities, Gridlines, Railways and Roads.

  • Deformation Surveys

  • Civil Construction Surveys (Earthworks, Pile Layouts and Volume Calculations)

  • Topographic Data Acquisition and Site Plans (Profiles and Contours)

Elevation Grid and Benchmark Establishment