Testing Services

Laboratory Testing Services


Soil Test / SPT / Geotechnical Investigation / Earth Resistivity Test

  • Soil SBC- (Safe Bearing Capacity) / SPT /Geo-Technical Investigation

  • Soil Core Cutting test, Sand Replacement Test for Finding out the % of Compaction

  • Proctor Density Test for Maximum Dry Density

  • CBR Test, Unconfined Compressive Strength Test (UCC)

  • Soil properties Test such as Sieve Analysis, Specific Gravity, Free Swell Index, Atterberg limits


Plate Load Test /Cyclic Plate Load Test

  • We provide Plate Load Test Service for Major Infrastructure Project across India.


Field CBR Test

  • We undertake Field CBR Testing to assess the CBR Value of Soil/Gravel/GSB Layer for Road Works /Flooring Works for Industrials/Factory Sites across India.


Concrete Testing

  • Concrete Design Mix for all Grade of Concrete, Paver Blocks, Solid Blocks

  • Concrete Core Test along with Extraction

  • Concrete Cube Test by ACT Method i.e. (Accelerated Curing Test)

  • Aggregate Testing including Physical and Chemical properties

  • Concrete Cube and Slump Test


Cement Test / Fly ash Testing / Mineral / Chemical Admixtures

  • Physical and Chemical Testing of Mineral Admixtures such as Fly ash, GGBS, Filling materials for Concrete etc

  • Chemical Admixture – for Uniformity Tests and Requirements

  • Physical Properties on Mineral admixtures and Chemical Admixtures


Bricks Test

  • Red Burnt Clay bricks / Fly ash bricks (C.S, W.A, Efflorescence, Dimension)


Blocks Test

  • Solid blocks / Hollow Blocks / Paver Blocks ( Comp. Strength, W.A, BD)

  • Drying Shrinkage, Moisture Movement etc.

  • AAC (Aerated concrete blocks) / CC (Cellular Concrete Products) Blocks Comp.(Strength, Density)


Tiles Test

  • Dimension / Squareness, Rectangularity Test

  • Water Absorption

  • Flexural Strength

  • Breaking Strength


Water Test

  • Construction purpose

  • Drinking & Microbiological


Road Work Testing

  • GSB, WMM all test, WBM all Test

  • Existing Pavement Investigation thru Test Pits for Road Works

  • Soil Compaction, Onsite Lab Set up for Quality Testing Consultancy

  • Borrow Area Soil Sample Analysis

  • Dense Bitumen Macadam Thickness​ (DBM)​, DBM Bulk Density (gm/cc), Bitumen Thickness. Bitumen Bulk Density (gm/cc) by taking Core, Gradation after extraction of Core.​


NDT Test (Non-Destructive Testing)

  • Rebound Hammer Test for assessing the Comp. Strength of existing concrete structure.

  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test for assessing the integrity of the existing concrete structure.

  • PILE INTEGRITY TEST (PIT) to assess the Length, Velocity, Formation, Cracks of Pile etc.

  • Reinforcement Scanning for Checking the Cover meter

  • Carbonation Test on Concrete

  • Chloride Test on Concrete

  • Concrete Core Test