Engineering Drwaing

  1. Architectural Services

                Architecture Engineering and construction industry are growing aggressively around the world. Architectural Designing and architectural drafting, services required technical knowledge, manpower and high-level management. NAKSHAA helps you to increase profit and construct your dream structure. NAKSHAA offers a wide range of architectural services that are reliable, accurate and detailed. We help you to build structures that follow global architectural standards and yet are unique in design.

                Our professional Architects, Design Engineers and Cad Draftsman use latest technologies like AutoCAD, Arch Cad, Micro station, 3D Studio Max, Revit, Civil 3D, Chief Architect, Sketchup, Coral, Photoshop, Star Cad and Mini Cad which can execute the perfect dimension.

Our Expertise in the Following Architectural Services:

  • Architectural 2D-3D Drafting

  • Interior Exterior

  • Floor Plans & Roof Plans

  • Modifications & Detailing

  • Window, Doors

  • Stair Plans, Sections and Details

  • Architectural Animation Walkthrough

  • 3D Rendering

Our Architectural drafting service focus on the following features:

  • The site, Location and Building Layout.

  • Floor Plans, Elevations, Flooring details, Sections, Roof Details, Wall sections, schedules of door and window.

  • Interior detailing such as furniture layouts, fixture layouts, electrical devices layouts etc.

  • Landscape Drafting.

  • Working Drawings from Blueprints, hand-drawn sketches or conceptual sketches.

  • Photorealistic Exterior Views for any type of building with the real-life environment such as trees, effects of light (sunlight and shadows), landscape, human activities etc.

  • Photorealistic Interior Views for any type of building including living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, storage room, garden, corridors, terrace, reception area, office place, garage etc.

  • Virtual Walkthroughs show every small detail of the interior and exterior such as building material, lighting, shadows, landscapes, vegetation etc and moving objects such as escalators.

  • Conceptual Walkthroughs showing the layout of the buildings in an area.

  • Animations for buildings such as the process of construction of a wooden house etc.

  • Product 3D Animation showing the process of the assembly of a product etc.


 2. Structural Services

                NAKSHAA is an India based company providing the Structural services to client globally. Our Structural engineers can provide creative, sustainable and cost-effective structural design through innovative thinking. Structural NAKSHAA is dedicated to the advancement of seismic resistant engineering and provides structural drawing & design services that conform to international standard.

 NAKSHAA undertake the Structural Design fabrication and erection of Steel structural Drafting work for all forms of construction in building and non-building Steel Structure. NAKSHAA provides the Cad Steel Structural Drafting service in Steel structure. Our Structural Engineers are well experienced in Cad Structural Design service with Structural Method.


Our Expertise in the Following Structure Services:

  • Structural 2D Drafting

  • Structural 3D modelling

  • Structural Design

  • Steel Structure Detailing


Our Structure Services focus on the following features:

  • Structural Layouts

  • Foundation Plan

  • I&C Work

  • R.C.C. beam framing Structure

  • Fabrication

  • Steel Structures

  • Wooden Structure

  • Water Retaining Structures

  • Panel Structure

  • Seismic Design

  • Live Load calculation

  • Dead Load calculation

  • Wind Load Calculation

 3. Civil Engineering Services

                We are your one-stop solution for all your civil engineering services. The team here provides you with complete engineering solutions that are related to planning, designing, distribution, transportation etc. The engineers here also look into other aspects of the engineer’s services as well.

                NAKSHAA is here at your service to provide you with the widest range of Civil Engineering Services.  No matter whatever is the size of the project, or how big or small the project is, the engineers here work with the same enthusiasm and energy. Our ultimate motive is to provide 100% satisfaction to our customer and that is possible only when the work is completed with the stipulated time frame along with accuracy and precision.

                NAKSHAA have been one of the most preferred and recommended company which caters to various services and geographies with exclusive knowledge and highly experienced team in civil engineering.  This is because in this service you will get complete in and out and deep knowledge for your project by the experts. We here in our organization follow all the international standards and codes that are pre-defined as well as mandatory too.


Our Expertise in the Following Civil Engineering Services:

  • Civil Engineering Services

  • AutoCAD Civil 2d- 3d Drawing

  • Civil And Urban Planning

  • BIM Consulting Services

  • Site Plans

  • Erosion Control Plans

  • Water / Waste Water Harvesting

  • Foundations Layout


 4. Mechanical Services

                NAKSHAA specializes in the machine design, conceptual layout, assemble parts and spare part drawings. We can create 3D views of mechanical drawings and drafting which makes manufacturers and fabricators easy to understand the direction of the part when it is assembled. NAKSHAA can modify existing mechanical engineering drawing or create new ones, as per your requirements and international standards. The skills of our expert engineers add great value to your project by serving you Mechanical 2D Drafting and Mechanical 3D Modeling Service.

                NAKSHAA is a group of professionals having in-depth knowledge of the usage of modern technologies like CAD, Micro Station (DGN), CorelDraw (CDR), Vector Works, and Adobe Illustrator (AI) etc. Using this software we create innovative and smart mechanical 3D models that give the detailed specification of machines.


Our Expertise in the Following Mechanical Engineering Services:

  • Mechanical 2D-3D drafting

  • HVAC (Heat Ventilating and Air Conditioning)

  • Mechanical System Drawings

  • Assembly drawings

  • MEP drawings (Mechanical Electronics Plumbing)

  • Fabrication drawings



 5. Electrical Services

                NAKSHAA offers the Electrical Designing and Electrical Diagram services to client globally from India. Electrical designing and Electrical Diagram services are more helpful for Electrical engineers, Electrical equipment manufactures, Electronics service providers etc. Outsourcing your electrical design and electrical diagram to us increase your productivity without any error with less cost-effective, and more profit on the project.     


Our Expertise in the Following Electrical Engineering Services:

  • Electrical 2D-3D Diagrams

  • Electrical wiring diagrams

  • Electronic panel schedule

  • Sub Station site plans

  • Electrical power plan

  • Layouts for lighting

  • Luminaries, Power Equipment, and Devices counts

  • Terminations Diagrams

  • Control Circuits Diagrams

  • LV/HV electrical devices

  • Solar plant Diagram

  •  Roof Top, Street Light, Water Pump


 6. MEP Engineering Services

                MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) is one of the most demanded fields of the construction industry as it is the basic need of every structure. MEP Engineering connects to the task of planning and designing of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems. In the mechanical aspect, the main focus point is efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation of a building while the Electrical section is more about the supplying power within every outlet of the electrical system of infrastructure. Ultimately, the plumbing facet deals with water delivery and providing an efficient drainage system. We have developed highly complex and detailed 3D MEP models showing MEP Components like ductwork, wiring, electrical fixtures, pumps, lighting, generators, plumbing, drainage, piping etc.


Our Expertise in the Following MEP Engineering Services:

  • MEP Consulting Engineers

  • MEP Outsourcing Services

  • MEP 3D modelling

  • MEP BIM modelling


Our MEP Engineering Services focus on the following features:

  • Smart MEP layout reduces construction cost

  • MEP equipment selection becomes easier

  • Simplified maintenance of a building

  • Solving water and plumbing issues

  • Automating building systems

  • Improves lighting, heating and cooling system of building


 7. Plumbing Piping Services

                NAKSHAA, we offer the most accurate and detailed plumbing piping drawing services to the builders, MEP contractors and fabricators. Our plumbing layout plan and piping shop drawing allow the efficient fabrication of pipes and plumbing system by saving installation time and reducing wastage of materials. Our plumbing layout models show the shape, size and position of every element and it helps to identify and solve the clashes. Our plumbing piping engineering service helps in managing proper water supply to maintain the general cleanliness of the environment.


Our Expertise in the Following Plumbing Engineering Services:

  • Plumbing Estimation

  • Pipe Corrosion Mitigation

  • Plumbing Piping Drafting

  • Sewage and Vent Pipe

  • 3D Modeling

  • Piping Supports

  • Pipe Failure Analysis

  • As-Built/Drawing Updates


Our Plumbing Engineering Services focus on the following features:

  • Calculation of Pipe Sizing

  • Plumbing Blueprints

  • Sizing of Features as per standardized code

  • Preparation of Installation Data

  • Cold and boiling point water framework outlines

  • Wastewater framework design

  • Storm-water framework design

  • Detailed data of all pipes frill



 8. HVAC Engineering Services

                Our team of qualified and experienced engineers delivers high-quality HVAC (Heat Ventilating and Air Conditioning) design drawings that include HVAC shop drawings, fabrication drawings to make HVAC installation smoother in commercial, residential and industrial needs. We use advanced technologies to create interactive 3D models of HVAC systems. The properly designed HVAC layout drawings maximize the efficiency of the MEP system, reduces the construction and maintenance cost.


Our Expertise in the Following HVAC Engineering Services:

  • HVAC 2D drafting & detailing

  • HVAC duct fabrication drawing

  • Duct layout design

  • Pipe sizing and layout sizing

  • HVAC load calculations

  • HVAC section drawings

  • HVAC mechanical drawings


Our HVAC Engineering Services focus on the following features:

  • Air Conditioning system

  • Ventilation System

  • Pressurization System

  • Filtration System

  • Humidification ( Air Washer) System

  • Dehumidification (Low Humidity) system

  • Designing as per the Energy Conservation

  • Building Management System



 9. 3D Walkthrough Animation

                NAKSHAA Design accommodates experienced, sophisticated 3D Architectural Rendering, walkthrough animation & 3d outsourcing services to architects, interior designers, contractors, builders, developers and land development professionals. The 360 3D Walkthrough is a moving portrayal of a building. This construction can be a substantial building, a building under construction, or a planned building in the development.

NAKSHAA is a one-point solution for all your architectural needs including 3D Walkthrough and Animation. Our CAD Animation Services allow the builders, interior designers, architects, realtors, and developers to understand the right view of a building with lifelike colours, textures to give a lively spirit to.

Our Expertise in the Following 3d Walkthrough Animation Services:

  • Video Animation

  • 3D Walkthrough

  • 3D Rendering

  • 3D Fly Through

  • Exterior Walkthrough.

  • Interior Walkthrough.

  • Conceptual Walkthrough.

  • Industrial Walkthrough.



10. Fire Engineering

                Fire Engineering is one of the essential fields because it protects people and property from the harmful effect of fire. NAKSHAA are experts in creating fire safety designs that reduce risk, minimize damage and protect life. Our fire safety designs are reliable, cost-effective and capable of resisting fire. We follow fire safety norms and codes while designing fire protection systems. We have qualified and experienced fire engineers to do high-level strategic fire engineering planning and detailed analysis to get positive results. We include our expertise in detailed design and analysis of Fire Safety Designs.

                We aim to increase the safety levels in all type of buildings; therefore we follow regional and international regulations on fire safety. Our fire protection plans easily get approval from authorities. We can design fire detection systems, fire escape staircase, and mechanical smoke ventilation and fire hydrant systems for any type of building.

Our Expertise in the Following Fire Engineering Services:

  • Fire Pipe Sizing

  • Fire Hydrant Design

  • Fire Hydraulics

  • FM 200 System


Our Fire Engineering Services focus on the following features:

  • We prepare designs as per the standardized code

  • Analysis of fire system design for calculation

  • Protect asset

  • Environment safety

  • Fire risk assessment

  • Fire safety strategies

  • Fire network conceptualization

  • Combination of theoretical and practical application

We create the performance-based design